Works in paint or collage on canvas or panel.
2018 – present


Little Visions: Collage

Painted translucent paper on textured canvas. 2021-ongoing.

Read more about the collages on the Magicgroove blog.

Harlequin - C. Carraher 2021

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Acrylic on textured canvas. 2020-21.

  • Carbon I: Carbon-black calligraphic gesture interacting with dirty white.
  • Carbon II: Color enters. Gesture and texture remain.

Read more about the Carbon series on the Magicgroove blog.

Carbon 2 - C. Carraher 2020

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Prayer Flags

First response to the pandemic. Acrylic on canvas. Spring 2020.

Prayer Flag (Green) - C. Carraher 2020

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On canvas, wood panel, or paper. 2018-2022.

Untitled (1 5 21) - C. Carraher 2021

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