April-May 2024: My Dead Girlfriend’s Art – 2

MDGA2 group exhibition curated by Francene Kaplan as a tribute to artist Barbara Austin.

April 13-May 5, with reception at 5 pm on Saturday April 13.

Sneak preview with experimental music Friday April 12 at 8 pm.

At the Beatnik Lounge, 61597 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, CA 92252.

The Green Closet

March 24, 2024

The Green Closet - C. Carraher 2023

The Green Closet
Acrylic and paper on canvas. 18 x 14 in. 2023.

So it’s been a bit of a lag since I posted. It can get very busy in the desert in the winter. It’s the season when one can actually get things done outside, before it gets hot. So I’ve been cleaning up the property, bagging up duff fallen from the tamarisk tree, burning trimmings and debris such as the unfortunate carcasses of plants that could not survive the intensity of our weather, salty soil, and salty water. A friend has been dismembering and hauling off for firewood the fallen tree branches too large for me to handle. And it looked great for all of a week, at which time a big wind came up and another large limb came down. Sigh. The cycle of life.

But through it all I have been in the studio every afternoon, trying to get back in the groove after the distraction and demands of the January show. It was a hard launch. I picked up with a collage I’d been working on back when I had to switch into show-prep mode in November. The piece had not been going well at that time, and it was no easier when I resumed, sad to say. It went through endless unsatisfactory iterations. I did finally finish it, I think – I’ve set it aside and will give myself some time before any final judgment. Not sure I’m happy with it, although it does fulfill what it seemed to demand to be. Not surprisingly, my process is in evolution after working in a single mode for a couple years, and that piece may (?) turn out to be the last of that particular strain of collage.

Now, though, things are really percolating in the studio. New directions have opened up, and I have…

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