Playing Around with a Gel Press

May 4, 2024

Snapshot of monotype 1 May 2024

This is a snapshot of a print, 5 x 7 in on rice paper, that I made recently on a gel press with acrylic paint. The gel press is a new exploration for me. So far there’s been enough intrigue and result to keep me in the game, and I’ve recently moved up to an 8 x 10-in plate and better paper. My attempts are still pretty crude, though.

Here’s a couple more experiments, this time using some simple masks and improvised stamps. Again 5 x 7 in, also on rice paper.

The unpredictability keeps me interested. I suppose it makes more sense to carefully plan when printmaking, but I totally balk and immediately lose interest at the thought. I prefer to just respond to what shows up when I pull the paper, and go from there.

With these next two I liked…

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