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Figuring the Desert:
Object, Subject, and Tension
in the Mojave

The desert looms large in Western human consciousness as a locus of mystery, fear, and contemplation and as a classic arena for the battle for the soul. This presentation will explore how various historic and contemporary artists have wrestled with this archetype through portrayals and treatments of one particular desert, the Mojave, during an era of colonization. What preoccupations and power dynamics are revealed in choices of subject, object, and field? What is the correspondence with social and economic exploitation?

When the madonna, the whore, and the Buddha
all claim the same territory,
who wins?

Nov 30, 2007, 7 p.m.

Copper Mountain College
6162 Rotary Way, Room 119A
Joshua Tree, CA

Presented as part of the 2007 Fall Lecture Series of the
Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council




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